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Hello and welcome to my page!

I hope you find this space a source of information, musings, inspiration and seeds of knowledge as well as a directory for support no matter what stage of your life you are in.

Kate xxx

Creating this space has been a passion of mine for a very long time, it has been a journey full of both triumphs and tears, personal development and professional learning, as well as the undoing of many parts of myself that made way for the growth and emergence of who I am in this season of my life, what I want to do with this new knowledge and how I can use it to best serve others.

So here we are!

You can read more about my services, business and qualifications on my page, for now I want to share a little of my story/ road to creating this business. My “WHY” I suppose.

I have always been interested in people, why they operate the way they do, intrigued by their stories, deeply moved by their experiences, amazed by different cultures and languages, curious about how I can help people (whether it was through coaching sports, babysitting, my big family, mentoring in school, camp counselling overseas, even booking holidays for people!) and drawn to connect with people. Which is ironic as I can be quite shy, but at the heart of me, I crave human connection and helping anyone in need.

I have studied, travelled, lived interstate and overseas and eventually settled where I grew up, back on the Central Coast where I am wife to Les, who I own and run  Landete Health with, and Mum to two gorgeous little people who never fail to amaze and teach me things on a daily basis.

Landete Health started in 2012 when our first child was born so the business has always been closely aligned with our current stage of life, becoming parents, and has grown and adapted as our personal journey has. So it has always been heavily focused on our passion – promoting health and wellbeing for women and new parents during the perinatal period (from conception, pregnancy and birth through to the first year with baby) and beyond because let’s face it – the challenges of parenting never stop at any age do they. Through Landete Health we have supported hundreds of women and their families through exercise with personal training, our post natal program and mums and bubs exercise groups.

I met some truly amazing and inspiring women through these programs and it was an honour to be part of their post partum healing, their physical and emotional journey, to witness their Matresence (transition into Motherhood) at a time when I was also figuring out how to do the same.

Every woman’s conception, pregnancy and birth story was unique, but I started to notice some common themes pop up. Loss of identity, disconnection from their old lives and old selves, feeling lost and unsupported in Motherhood, confusion, fear, loneliness, uncertainty, even resentment at the disparity between the expectations of Motherhood versus the reality of it.

I saw and heard these themes in the other women, and my goodness did I also feel them myself.

But what I also witnessed during those fitness sessions were women who started to talk about how they were really feeling, to share their stories, laugh and cry together and connect over their common bond of Motherhood. And this was magic. I watched the same women start to feel validated, normal, respected, safe, understood and a little less alone because they allowed themselves to speak freely about the good, bad and in between parts of Motherhood. It also helped me to do the same whilst post natal anxiety was kicking my butt all over the place.

Through fitness we created a space where Mums could focus on their own health and wellbeing for a moment (when everything else seems so focused on their babies needs) and this was part of my healing and my inspiration. This cemented my dream of add counselling and coaching services for Mums to our business for a unique, holistic approach that emphasised the importance of physical, mental, emotional and social health to optimise wellbeing.

Becoming a mother has been one of the most rewarding but at the same time challenging experiences of my life. You can be so full of love, excitement and joy one moment, but terrified, confused, overwhelmed and incredibly lonely the next. It is life changing, yet there seems to be this idea that Mums need to bounce back to their former lives and former selves and act like they have it all together. I often found myself thinking that wouldn’t it be beautiful if Mums felt like they could be raw, honest, open and vulnerable about their experience, ask questions, get ideas and find strength and support in other women by talking and sharing about what is happening for them in a safe, non judgemental, empowering space. It has been my mission to create that space and it is finally here, so I hope to share it with you all.

Kate x

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