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Kate – My Story

Becoming a mother was one of the most rewarding but at the same time challenging experiences of my life. You can be so full of love, excitement and joy one moment, but terrified, confused, overwhelmed and incredibly lonely the next. It is life changing, yet there seems to be this idea that after having children, women need to bounce back to their former lives and former selves and act like they have it all together and that kind of casual disregard for the complex changes that women go through when they become Mothers can be incredibly detrimental.

When my first child was born, my husband and I started Landete Health, a private fitness centre that quickly mirrored out own stage of life and became heavily focused on health and wellbeing for women during the perinatal period (from conception, pregnancy and birth through to the first year with baby)and has supported women through exercise with personal training, post-natal safe return to exercise programs and mums and bubs exercise groups since 2012. At the same time as we opened the business, I was struggling with post-natal anxiety and spending time exercising with other Mums at the gym was such an amazing source of connection and support. I met some truly amazing and inspiring women through these programs and it was always dream of mine to add counselling and coaching services for Mums to our business for a unique, holistic approach that emphasises the importance of physical, mental, emotional and social health to optimise wellbeing.

So I began a degree in counselling and coaching and have been focused on how I can best support, motivate and empower women and mums to not only meet the demands of Motherhood and just “survive” on a day to day basis, but really flourish in this stage of life.
Over the years I have often found myself thinking that there is just not enough information, services or support focused on the new Mum who emerges when her baby is born, and wouldn’t it be beautiful if women felt like they could be raw, honest, open and vulnerable about their experience, ask questions, get ideas and find strength and support in other women by talking and sharing about what is happening for them in a safe, non-judgemental, empowering space.

So it became my mission to create that space for any women in need of it.
Whilst working with women first inspired me to start studying, I am passionate about supporting everyone in the comminuty with their mental and emotional wellbeing and since opening Kate Landete Counselling in 2019 I have (and continue) to work with men, women and young people.

Kate Landete
Kate LandeteCounsellor and Wellbeing Coach

Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching)
Provisional Registration with PACFA
Community Champion for PANDA
Diploma of Management
Diploma of Administration
Certificate III in Fitness

Kate Landete
Kate LandeteCounsellor and Wellbeing Coach

Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching)
Provisional Registration with PACFA
Community Champion for PANDA
Diploma of Management
Diploma of Administration
Certificate III in Fitness

Kate Landete Counselling

I am a qualified and registered Counsellor and Wellbeing Coach based on the Central Coast of NSW and provide gentle, confidential, holistic counselling and wellbeing coaching to support, motivate and inspire growth, transformation and change.

I hold a Bachelor of Counselling and Coaching from the Australian College of Applied Psychology (accredited by the International Coaching Federation), is a volunteer crisis supporter for lifeline and has worked as a youth intake worker for Headspace.
I have also managed a boutique health and fitness centre for the past nine years which fuels her passion for providing holistic support that encompass all areas of a person’s health for optimal wellbeing.
Life does not always go to plan, and sometimes we need someone in our corner to listen to us and provide a safe space to unpack, explore and process what is going on without fear of judgement.
A place to be raw, real and vulnerable.

Counselling is a process of talking about and working through your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, personal experiences, issues, goals and concerns.
A counsellor supports you to address whatever you come in with in a positive way by helping you to clarify the issues, explore options, develop strategies, look at things from new perspectives, increase self-awareness and identify and cultivate your personal strengths and resources.

I am professionally trained to provide a unique blend of counselling and coaching to not only support the mental and emotional wellbeing of my clients during difficult times, but also to empower people to learn new coping skills and ways of thinking, uncover their personal strengths and inner resources, build resilience, confidence and self-belief that can be drawn on in any situation to overcome challenges and live a life of meaning, purpose, and passion.

I integrate a variety of tools from CBT, Positive Psychology, Solutions Focused Brief Therapy, Narrative Therapy, ACT, Motivational Interviewing and Mindfulness to support each individual and their unique needs in a fun, gentle and intuitive way.

I am available to support men, women and young people in areas such as :
- anxiety and depression - general stress and overwhelm
- managing emotions - navigating life changes/ unexpected changes
- relationships - pregnancy - birth -motherhood and parenting
- grief and loss - self-worth and confidence
- school exams and stress
- business, career, and study goals
- health and fitness - self-care and general wellbeing
- body image - personal goals, dreams and aspirations


  • Bachelor Counselling (Coaching)
  • Provisional Registration with PACFA
  • Accredited Lifeline Crisis Telephone Supporter
  • Community Champion for PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia)
  • Youth Mental Health Skills Training (Headspace)
  • Certificate of Basic Skills in Perinatal Mental Health (COPE – Centre for Perinatal Excellence)
  • Certificate for Pre and Post Natal Exercise
  • Certificate for Psychology of Health Wellness
  • Certificate for Insights into Mental Health and Exercise
  • Dual Diploma of Management/ Administration
  • Certificate III in Fitness (gym and group fitness instructor)