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Tuesday,Thursday, Friday 930am - 530pm

“I was so nervous to attend Kate’s wellbeing workshop but I soon learnt it’s a place of peace and friendship. It was great to learn that I am not the only one feeling confused by what the media tells you is healthy. Kate helped me unravel my thoughts to start to feel at peace with myself. I highly recommend these events”.

KVH – 2021

“I have been attending Kate’s counselling service for a few months now and it has been amazing. She has impacted my life dramatically and I find myself thinking about all the strategies she has given me daily. The sessions aren’t like psychologists I have been to, Kate is really down to earth and shares how own life experiences to make you feel more normal. We not only talk about what is troubling me but discuss what could be causing the feelings and other aspects of my life that I can improve to positively impact the way I react to situations. Nothing is forced or expected and that is why it is such an open space and I highly recommend Kate”.

PH – 2021

“Kate is an amazing counsellor/life coach. From the moment I had my phone consultation she had a warmth about her and I instantly felt comfortable confiding in her and knew she would be the right fit for me.
Kate has a very kind, gentle, nurturing approach. She allows you the space to talk freely and asks questions/makes statements when needed that make you think and question yourself without being pushy or in your face.
She is real, relatable and passionate about supporting women’s well being.
I would highly recommend Kate to anyone needing a little positive change in their life”.

AP – 2020

“I have completed the eight week online health and wellbeing course with Kate and I have been trying to think of the right words to express how much this course meant to me.  Kate was so kind and gentle with her coaching. Her words felt like she was speaking directly to me and everything I had going on.  One of her chats brought tears to my eyes because it really spoke to me that much. During the course there was a fitness part, and I have been terrible since my pregnancy with no motivation. But I felt really inspired to do the tasks she set. I even started roping people in around my area and in the end I lost a fair amount of weight, gained some strength and energy. I am so looking forward to her next course, I will be putting even more in to it. Kate thank you it means so much to me. Les thank you for your workout videos made it so much easier to follow”.

CJ – 2020

“I have been doing counselling with Kate for 8 months now and I can’t even remember the person I was when I walked into my first counselling session. I have not changed, but grown so much in my understanding of myself and my emotions and that’s all thanks to Kate. Kate has provided me with the tools that I need to help me everyday and provided me with a comfortable safe space to come to, to just be myself and we figure things out together. Kate has always adapted to what I need at that time when I see her and that’s what I love the most because I don’t know what I’ll feel like tomorrow or the next day or what I’ll need to work on but Kate is always ready for me to throw anything at her! Couldn’t recommend more!!!” .

TP – 2020

“Kate has a relaxed and comfortable counselling style and a beautiful nature and energy. Kate has this way of making you feel like you’ve known her forever just with a hello and smile. She is warm, welcoming and someone who it is easy to open up to. Kate doesn’t ask a million questions which make you feel like she is prying into pandora’s box, she just has this natural way to open you up, almost making the conversation fluid like. It was not like I walked in one session and walked out different, but I would be partaking in my daily activities and suddenly notice a little voice in my head, or a conscious decision based on something she had said. Kate plants these little subconscious seeds which would pop up throughout my day. She also really emphasised that I was entitled to feel how I was feeling about certain situations and that is something so simple but really made a difference for me discovering my emotions”.

ET – 2020

“Kate is comforting and laidback when you meet her so it’s natural when you start chatting how easily things start to flow, even when you are not sure yourself. She asks questions in such a way doubts become clearer quite easily & you leave her session uplifted. I would definitely recommend Kate no matter what stage of Motherhood you are in”.

NT – 2020

“I haven’t been talking to Kate for long yet I already feel lighter and more focused from it. Kate makes me feel so naturally comfortable and I can talk to her like we’ve been doing this for years. Kate’s support is non judgmental and safe and I can’t emphasise enough now natural our conversations flow. Some days I have no idea what we will even talk about yet an hour later I’ve let out things I didn’t even know was there. I’m so happy I met Kate and would recommend her to any of my friends in a heartbeat”.

SR – 2020

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Kate Landete throughout 2019 within my Equine (horse) therapy business based in Wyong. Grace Horse Therapy intake is primarily children and youth living in Foster care and group housing. We receive referrals from FACS and youth-care providers and meet a lot of young people with complex and diverse backgrounds, perspectives and beliefs. I contracted Kate as our mental health professional for a number of youth support sessions that took place in 2019 . This role required Kate to be able to think on her feet freely and be prepared to acknowledge client’s individual needs which quite often fall outside of what may usually arise inside of four walls (and minus some horses!). Kate was genuinely curious about her client’s interactions with the horses and held the space for clients in an atmosphere which was explosive at times. Kate excelled in the team, and understood complex team dynamics, the horses as part of the treatment team have different personalities and large herd dynamics which came into play constantly. Kate has been a breath of fresh air to us here and I have full confidence in her ability to be an invaluable asset to any team she is part of in the mental health field. She has a natural affinity with youth/young people and they feel comfortable in her presence”.


“Kate has helped me in more ways than you can imagine from stresses of family, friends and my personal life to helping me with my bigger goals and school struggles. She will be a good ear for you to vent. She has a whole selection of easy to do tasks for setting goals. She has a nice environment instead of a clinical setting, making me feel always warm and wanted. Thank you, Kate, for everything you’ve done and please if you need to set any goals or simply just talk about anything; Kate is a great person to start you on the right track”.

BY – 2019

“It was a pleasure to serve as a Mentor Coach for Kate in her final year of training at the Australian College of Applied Psychology. Kate demonstrated exceptional coaching skills, significantly more advanced than her level of coaching experience at the time. She has a highly developed capacity to be present with and for her clients, an ability to listen on multiple levels and ask powerful questions that get to the heart of the issue. Kate has a genuine heart to serve her clients, building safety and trust with them, and partnering with them on a journey of transformation towards the goals and outcomes they desire. For these reasons I will highly recommend Kate without reservation”.


“I have been lucky to have Kate coach me around my business direction and her sessions have reinvigorated and renewed my passion for my little biz. I have had bumper sales and my customers are loving the energy I now have for them. Thank you Kate for helping me tap into my potential and excitement!”.

LE – 2019

“There are words you could use to describe the Thriving in Motherhood program like empowering, confidence boosting and motivating (which are all true) but what it has done for me is beyond that. I now allow myself to feel emotions (positive or negative) I’m finding ME again and my family are benefitting from having a healthier, happier mummy. Thanks Kate, I love your honesty and passion for helping others”.

K – 2018